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Dutch Ovens

 Find out why everyone's talkin' about dutch oven cookin'

Dutch Ovens are what we have become known for besides our high quality stoves. Camp Chef Dutch ovens are hand crafted with precision and attention to detail. In the heritage of European cooking and the western frontier our Dutch Ovens are superior quality at an affordable price. Our ovens are pre-seasoned with an all natural organic palm oil, allowing you to use the oven right out the box. Easy to clean and simple to use, Dutch Oven cooking is a great way to prepare healthy food at home or on the road. The Ultimate Dutch Oven series with its unique cone cooks just like a conventional oven, allowing you to cook faster and larger meals. Our Deluxe Dutch ovens are designed so that lid can be an additional skillet/griddle or work as a trivet or stand for the oven itself. Our Classic series are high quality ovens with style. The animal etchings on the lid set these ovens apart from the competition. Elk, grizzly, whitetail, and mule deer each represent the various sizes. Camp Chef cast iron Dutch Ovens are lifetime products that make great gifts for those who may just be starting out in life.

Advantage Cast Iron

What is Advantage Cast Iron?
Advantage Cast Iron by Camp Chef is created to meet the highest quality standards. The seasoned finish makes this cast iron ready to cook and easy to maintain. The fine, porous surface also allows for better heat distribution and retention. Camp Chef's advantages will help you create cuisine you'll be proud to share. Get more with Advantage Cast Iron!

Classic Dutch Ovens

In the heritage of century-old Dutch oven cooking, Camp Chef's popular Classic Series ovens feature three legs, a handled lid and bale. The raised lip around the lid is excellent for cooking with charcoal briquettes or wood. Seasoned and ready to cook, each Classic is a modern heirloom backed by Camp Chef's commitment to quality.

Classic Dutch Ovens

Classic Dutch Ovens

Classic 10" Dutch Oven (SKU: SDO-10)Seasoned and ready to cook, each Classic Dutch Oven is a modern heirloom backed by Camp Chef's commitment to quality.
Classic 12" Dutch Oven (SKU: SDO-12)
Classic Deep 12" Dutch Oven (SKU: SDO-12D)
Classic 14" Dutch Oven (SKU: SDO-14)
Classic 16" Dutch Oven (SKU: SDO-16)
Model # Vol. Depth ID OD Weight
SDO-10 4 Qt. 3 1/4" 10" 10 1/2" 14 lbs.
SDO-12 6 Qt. 3 7/8" 11 3/4" 12 3/8" 20 lbs.
SDO-14 8 Qt. 3 7/8" 13 3/4" 14 3/8" 25 lbs.
SDO-16 12 Qt. 3 7/8" 15 3/4" 16 3/8" 33 lbs.
SDO-12D 8 Qt. 5" 11 3/4" 12 3/8" 25 lbs.
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Deluxe Dutch Ovens

Seasoned EZ Finish Surface - Seasoned Cast Iron is ready to cook and easy to maintain.
Deep Dish Lid - Increases air flow for even cooking; doubles as a skillet or serving trivet
Thermometer Channel - Check temperature without removing lid
FREE Lift Tool (not included on DO-5) - For easier handling of hot cast iron. Included with every oven

Deluxe Dutch Ovens

Deluxe Dutch Ovens

3/4 qt. Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven (SKU: DO-5)This collectable mini Dutch oven features a cast of Lewis & Clark on the lid.
dutch oven recipes

Advantage Cast Ultimate Dutch Ovens     

  • Heat Cone - Superior convection cooking
  • Removable Rack - Multi-tier cooking & smoking
  • Deep Dish Lid - Increases air flow for even cooking; doubles as a skillet or serving trivet
  • Thermometer Channel - Check temperature without removing lid
  • Free Lift Tool - For easier handling of hot cast iron
Ultimate Dutch Ovens

Ultimate Dutch Ovens

9.5 qt. Seasoned Cast Iron Ultimate Dutch Oven (SKU: UDO-14)Our best selling Dutch Oven. The Ultimate Dutch Oven comes equipped with Ultimate Features. Check it out!
Aluminum Dutch Oven Enhancement Kit (SKU: ADOK-14)Enhance your 9.5 qt. Ultimate Dutch Oven with this 6 qt. aluminum lid enhancement kit.
Model # Lid Vol. Lid Depth Base Vol. Base Depth Base ID Base OD Weight Serves
DO-5 1/8 Qt. 5/8" 1/2 Qt 2 3/8" 4 7/8" 5 1/2" 3.5 lbs. 1-2
DO-10 1 1/8 Qt. 1" 5 Qt. 4" 10 3/4" 11 1/2" 19 lbs. 12-14
DO-12 2 1/3 Qt. 1 3/8" 7 Qt. 4 1/2" 12" 12 3/4" 24 lbs. 14-16
DO-14 2 3/4 Qt. 1 7/8" 9 1/8 Qt. 5" 13" 13 3/4" 28 lbs. 16-20
UDO-14 3 1/2 Qt. 2 1/2" 6 Qt. 5" 12" 12 3/4" 31 lbs. 16-20
TDO-20 8 1/2 Qt. 4 1/2" 12 1/4" 6 3/4" 13" 13 3/4" 35 lbs. 16-20
dutch oven recipes

Browning Dutch Ovens - Ideal For Home Use

Looking for the latest in outdoor cooking convenience look no further than Browning's new line of outdoor cooking products. The Browning collection includes a selection of high quality cast iron, rugged 10" and 12" diameter cast iron Dutch Ovens which are perfect for summer cookouts and gatherings.

Browning Dutch Ovens - Ideal for home use!

Browning Dutch Ovens - Ideal for home use!

Browning Cast Iron Set (SKU: CBOXBR)

Dutch Oven Accessories

Don't forget your accessories!

10" Dutch Oven Liner (SKU: DO10-LINER)
6-inch Thermometer (SKU: DFT-6)This 6-inch thermometer measures temperatures up to 550 degrees. Includes a convenient clip for easy pot attachment.
Camp Table With Legs 32" (SKU: CT32LW)Cook, prepare and serve your food with this durable compact table.
Camp Table With Legs 38" (SKU: CT38LW)
Cast Iron Conditioner (SKU: CSC-8)This Conditioner is the best way to "season" your cast iron.
Charcoal Lighter Basket (SKU: CLB-9)Light your charcoal quickly and easily with this Charcoal Lighter Basket.
Dutch Oven Trivet (SKU: TR-DO)Dutch oven trivet is perfect for keeping your hot Dutch oven up off the table surface.
Dutch Stand (SKU: CT-14)This Dutch oven stand is perfect for getting your Dutch oven off the ground.
Tripod 50" (SKU: TRIPOD50)
Aluminum Dutch Ovens

Aluminum Dutch Ovens

10" GSI Aluminum Dutch Oven (SKU: 40410)
10" Hard Anodized Aluminum Dutch Oven (SKU: 50410)
12" GSI Aluminum Dutch Oven (SKU: 40712)
Aluminum 12" Dutch Oven (SKU: DOA12)